Managed Print Services

MPS - Managed Print Services

The business module MPS basically means outsourcing the contract of printing/copying applications to a MPS provider over a contractual period, which involves deploying the devices, providing services/consumables and billing the customer as per their usage along with MIS data. PowerPrint has gone one step ahead by introducing “ADOPTION” module, where it offers the same services and value additions on customer’s assets.

We offer MPS in four different options
» Per Cartridge Module
» Per Page Module
» Lease Module
» Adoption Module

Each of these options comes with the following services
» Consultation & Deployment of Laser printers at Customer site.
» Maintenance and support for the printer supplied.
» Print Fault handling services

PowerPrint’s MPS is a holistic printing solution that ensures the following :

» Your printing costs reduce approximately by 60%
» Dependency on IT is brought down considerably
» Carbon emissions reduce up to a substantial 60% (this includes usage of electricity)
» You have more control over the printing of your documents, especially confidential documents such as invoices, contracts or salary slips
» Management and maintenance of devices gets more efficient as all tasks are handled by a single agency

How will MPS improve your business ?

» Optimal usage of devices
» Increase in IT Department productivity
» Centralized handling of all print-related tasks
» Adaptive Solutions
» Secure Printing
» A ‘greener’ option

Why Managed Print Services (MPS) ?

» Thorough assessment of your organization’s printing profile: Our team of experienced technicians will first study your organization’s current printing trends and offer solutions accordingly.
» Provision of a diagnostic solution: The correct choice of printer will reduce chances of overheating, paper jams, or breakdown of machinery. Our experts can suggest sophisticated printers that can be integrated into your current document workflow.
» Pan-India installation of device, provision of technical support, maintenance, and troubleshooting: We can assist you in providing a printer anywhere in India including a provision of technical support which is on site or off site.

Are you eligible for MPS ?

MPS is for any organization that executes a minimum of 1500 prints a month. Whether an organization is large, mid-size, or small, MPS helps in taking care of organization-level printing requirements.

You can supplement an MPS option with our other products and services.

For details on which MPS option is right for you, please contact our consultants. Call Us : 022 42765100 (30 lines) Email :